What is HGH?

HGH is an abbreviation for human growth hormone, a naturally-produced hormone that stimulates cell reproduction in both males and females. This hormone is mass produced by the body during periods of rapid growth like adolescence.

As the body ages, the pituitary gland releases less HGH, and the body begins to exhibit signs of aging such as wrinkles, muscle loss, weakness, fatigue, and sexual problems. HGH also refers to human-made growth hormone, which is used both legally and illegally around the world to treat certain conditions and as a performance-enhancing drug.

Unlike, other treatments for growth hormone deficiency, HGH has been shown to causeserious health implications such as infertility, cancer, increased risk of heart attack andstroke, joint pain, edema, and high cholesterol. Due to adverse reactions were seen in clinical trials, HGH supplements theFood and Drug Administration banned HGH treatments for all but a handful of medical issues.

Additionally, most major sports leagues have also chosen toban this drugsince it’sconsidered to be a “performance enhancing drug.” Use of HGH supplements is dangerous and isn’t recommended unless they are prescribed by a medical professional.

Growth Hormone Stimulation Therapy

Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy has been referred to in the anti aging community as the fountain of youth. Growth hormone declines in men and women equally as we age. Growth Hormone Stimulation Therapy, a blend of amino acids, is the latest advancement in anti aging medicine that stimulates your own bodies ability to produce more growth hormone. Unlike using recombinant growth hormone as a replacement method which can be potentially dangerous, administrating growth hormone stimulation therapy has been shown to be a very safe legal method to stimulating your pituitary gland to produce growth hormone.

Effects of Human Growth Hormone Decline:

The decline in human growth hormone is directly tied to the bulging, wrinkling, saggy, flabby, tired creatures that we eventually morph into. Those of us who have naturally lower amounts of hormone age much faster than those individuals with good genes. Those who exercise hard and eat well also maintain a higher GH level.
Decline of HGH with age

Potential Benefits of returning Human Growth Hormone levels to younger adult levels according to studies: (Individual results may vary.)

Why is Growth Hormone Stimulation Therapy Better Than Taking HGH?

Unlike HGH, Growth Hormone Stimulation Therapy has few adverse symptoms; this is because Growth Hormone Stimulation Therapy causes the body to produce GH naturally. Most men report a noticeable difference in symptoms of low GH after only three months of therapy.

Growth Hormone Stimulation Therapy has been shown to promote increased bone density, better muscle, and joint health, reverse weakness caused by aging, and decrease risk factors for heart attack and stroke.

Since its introduction to the medical field, many men with hormone deficiency have found it to help manage secondary conditions such as osteoporosis, loss of muscle tone, fatigue, and weight gain.

Other reported benefits of Growth Hormone Stimulation Therapy are more restful sleep, a stronger immune system, and a better sense of overall wellbeing. Many testosterone replacement therapy patients also find sermorelin to be a helpful addition to testosterone replacement therapy since it decreases the likelihood of certain side effects.

Getting Safe, Effective Growth Hormone Therapy

The Powerhouse Men’s Clinic is a trusted health center for men who are exhibiting signs of hormone insufficiency.

Our providers strive to make our patients as comfortable as possible and will work with you to create an effective lifestyle plan and hormone regimen to help you manage the symptoms of hormone deficiency.

Patient health is our number one priority at The Powerhouse Men’s Clinic; this is why our providers require blood work and a physical exam to examine the full scope of your physical health. During the initial appointment, our providers will perform a physical exam and ask a few questions about your overall health history and lifestyle.

Patients are asked to submit a blood sample 48 hours their exam so we can have an accurate analysis of your hormone levels before we go forward with treatment.

After a diagnosis has been made, your doctor will discuss treatment options and work with you to develop a lifestyle plan to help your body produce more hormones naturally. If you think you may be experiencing the signs of hormone insufficiency, please schedule a consultation with our care team today.